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I know I might be sounding crazy these days, at least to some of my friends, and that is ok...  I mean a few years ago I might have looked at my now self with rolled eyes and said, "ok whatever".    I have always been a little "hippie" growing up as I ran bare-feet and my mom had a garden, even as a city girl.  But now I am raising Chickens, drinking Kombucha and using essential oils.  There is a line and I think I have crossed it..... about 95% sure I have anyways.

My history with essential oils is little, we used them for a few things prior to this spring. When Lydia was born, I used Lavender in her cloth diaper bin to mask the smell.  And when Tariku came home we used some tea-tree oil to help treat ringworm along side medicine.  Other then that I didn't really have any uses for them and I didn't really believe they worked all that well, at least not for healing.  I knew they smelt great but other then that I didn't really see the point. 
This past winter and spring all of our kids were really sick, and I started thinking about how we could improve our health. Around that time Levi was still not sleeping through the night, that in itself was the breaker for us.  We needed him to sleep and were at the point to try anything, even oils.  I was really skeptical but I kept hearing friends from all over the country rave about them.   So I talked with multiple people about oils and asked if they thought they worked or could benefit our family.  They all said "yes!" and I figured it was worth a shot. 

So I signed up when I noticed a girl had a coupon with the company I was going to choose anyways, Young Living, and I have been using them holistically (on and off) since early spring.  Since then I have seen many benefits to using them, daily and when sick.

Prior to me getting really sick earlier this summer I had not been using the oils regularly.  I had a sinus infection and was on two rounds of antibiotics, back to back, and nothing seemed to shake the sinus infection I had.   During the second round of antibiotics my friend asked me if I was using the oils and when I admitted I had not been she told me combinations to use to battle through and get healthy again.  I fully believe they helped when the antibiotics didn't. 

Since then I have been using oils more regularly on myself and my kids.  I have seen them work on bee stings, cuts, mood behaviors, and they have overall kept us healthy in general.  They work better when used daily and not just when a sickness bombards, daily is key as it keeps illnesses at bay.  I am now a believer in their effectiveness and I might be an addict too!

I have kept quiet (at least online) about oils because I really wanted to test them out first.  I only want to promote things I believe in.  Now that I know and see the benefits I would love to share what I have learned about them with you.  When started I joined Young Living Oils basically because that is the company many of my friends were using (and because the girl with the coupon uses them - Thanks Rebecca!).  Plus, it turns out my up-lines (2 of 3) are missionaries and I love knowing that I am supporting mission work through products I was already going to purchase.  There are many other brands of oils, but I just liked how everything was laid out with Young Living.

I signed up purchasing the premium starter kit, it is $150 and comes with a diffuser (a must for me and worth $100 in itself), 11 oils or oil blends (the Everyday kit plus Stress Away which is over $200 together), a handful of sample packets, and a lot of information.  This is hands down the best deal they have!  If you sign up to be a wholesale member that means you get to purchase any product from them at 24% off! You don't have to order every month, or ever again and your not required to "sell".... this is simply the BEST deal out there.
If you are new to essential oils and simply want to give them a try I would love to help you out.  You can purchase oils from my site, as a retailer there is no starter kit required at all however you are paying 24% more then a wholesale member.  You will need to sign up for an account as a retailer and you can do that here.  (PLEASE MAKE SURE I am your Sponsor and ENROLLER; Desiree Thompson 1781777) I would be happy to help you select a few oils that might benefit you!
If you are interested in signing up on my team you can click here to sign up as a distributer (aka wholesale member).  Remember you don't have to "sell" at all.  However, if you want to I would love to help and can provide you with resources you need to learn as much as possible about oils.  And as a bonus my up lines are amazing and they know so much! (PLEASE MAKE SURE I am your SPONSOR and ENROLLER: Desiree Thompson, 1781777).
As a distributer (wholesale member) you get:
  • 24% off retail prices
  • A member number to share with friends and family so you can get compensation.  This is absolutely no pressure to sell though, it is just hard to keep a secret once you use them and see the benefits.
  • Once you sign up you will get to pick out your starter kit.  There are many options, but I recommend the Premium Starter Kit!
  • You have the option to get Essential Rewards, a monthly autoship order, that gives you bonus points and helps you to earn FREE products.  This is completely optional and you can cancel anytime!
I am excited to be sharing this part of our life with my friends.  I really have loved learning about oils these past few months and seeing them work in our family.  I hope you consider giving them a try too. Please feel free to email me with any questions!
***Disclaimer: Any suggestions made on this blog or blogs I link to are specific to Young Living essential oils and should not be used from another source.  Statements made on this website about Young Living Essential Oils have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Anyone suffering from disease or injury should consult with a physician.  PLEASE DO NOT STOP taking medication if you are currently being treated by a doctor.

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