Saturday, October 4, 2014


It seems that Fall came in roaring this year.  Our weather turned cool way to quickly this week.  I love Fall, but in all honesty I am still recovering from last winter.  The thought of winter has me screaming, "noooooooooo!".  But that is a different post. 
With Fall comes pretty leaves, crisp air, and hot soup.  Stews are pretty spectacular because you can't really mess them up.  I don't think I have ever tasted a stew and said, "not again".  They are just easy and you can use whatever you have. 
Tonight we are going over to a friends and I volunteered to make chili.  We decided this while my husband was gone with the van (my only mode of transportation when I have at least one child with me).  Want to know the amazing thing about chili?  You guessed it, you get to use what you have and you can't really mess it up!
Tonight our chili is a concoction of sorts.  Venison meat, carrots, one pepper, one jar of homemade tomato soup, onions from our garden, a handful of beans that were in our cupboard for who knows how long.  All these little portions are coming together to make our dinner.  Small portions that on their own wouldn't even make much of a snack (not that you would eat our tiny onions as a snack anyways).  Combined these small amounts of goodness will add up to be great. 

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