Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 days of the Little Moments

I am sure many of you have seen posts on the October writing challenge that The Nester created and does each October.  I have followed her and others each year (from the beginning) & this year I am joining in.... because this blog has been neglect and I need to get disciplined again in writing or at least coming to this space to reflect a teeny tiny bit.  

This year each person is supposed to choose some topic to write on for 31 days..... I don't think I am coordinated enough to do that as my brain usually takes me all over the place.  However I do want to focus on the small.  The everyday.  Our moments here.  
The small is where it is at.  I have been thinking this thought over and over since this spring when I meet a girl for coffee to discuss Noonday a bit more.  She kept telling me that she wanted to do something big &huge (like Noonday), and she kept telling me that unless it was BIG she wasn't going to do it.  I understand that thought, that dream, that passion, that goal...... but all spring and summer as I have thought about it more and more I have realized that life is not about the BIG it is about the small.  that is where it is at.  Sure the small can take you big places but you can't often get to BIG without working the small first.  I want to document our little moments because one day years from now I want to look back and see this BIG love and blessing of a life we got to live.
Some days through my 31 days of little moments I may have words other days I may just post pictures.  Everyday I will have something.  So here I start on day two (because that is how I roll people). 

31 days of The Little Moments.

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Anonymous said...

So true that the big is really an accumulation of the small. And I think the small acts prepare you for the big ones in terms of courage, actions, change in thinking patterns, etc. At least this is true for me.

Have fun and discover much on your journey of 31 Days of Writing.