Tuesday, May 20, 2014

thank you veterans

I am in emotional overload right now.  Last night I went to welcome by grandpa back from his day in Washington DC with fellow veterans on the honor flight.  All I can say is that it is emotional.  If you ever, EVER, get the chance to welcome a loved one home from an honor flight GO!  There are simply no words that can truly capture all the pride in the room for our veterans.  The love and words of thanks were just whispering out of every crevice and I couldn't help but be humbled to get to partake.  

My sweet grandpa is a huge teddy bear and wore his emotions loud and proud.  I adore him and how he shows his feelings.  Other veterans did too, along with their guardians.  My little sister got to be my grandpa's guardian and help him around the entire day.  She said the entire trip was amazing and a very emotional day.  From the band at the beginning to the final wave of the bus send off welcoming them home was a great experience.  

Since I can't really capture in words all my thoughts I will show you in a few pictures.  Thank you veterans and all members of service!  THANK YOU.

I love you grandpa & I am and always will be so proud of you!


Bob Harper said...

A lovely tribute to your Grandpa, my Uncle Herb, and all those who served. Thanks for sharing.
Georgia Bergman-Harper

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