Monday, May 12, 2014

.random reflections.

Deep in thought surrounded by a sea of dandelions.

This past weekend was one of my favorites in a long time.  We stayed around our house and got to celebrate as a family. It was a needed weekend with my crew. 

We worked around our home getting many unfinished tasks done.  Which is awesome because I am one to start projects but also one who puts off the last task because I get burnt out easily.  I guess I am a dreamer, I can think of many new things but completing one task is not on my radar most of the time.  With the completion of some projects came the entrance for many as well, dreaming up new ways to improve our yard and house.  There might be a new picnic table in the works..... this is something my husband loves and hates about me (as he is the one to finish most things I start).

This weekend my in-laws were here to help around the house and to give Aaron and I a much needed break and date night.  We went out Saturday night to celebrate my Birthday and Mothers Day.  It has been a while since we made it downtown Milwaukee and I forgot how much I do love walking around the city.  I also forgot how nice it is to go out without the kids!  To sit through a meal without having to cut up someones food or pour them a glass of milk was so nice.  Also the beer and burgers at Rock Bottom Brewery are awesome!

Sunday my parents came to join in on Mothers Day and Birthday festivities.  My mom helped me plant half my garden and plan out the rest.  This is the first time we are having a real garden and I am excited but nervous all at the same time.  I am glad my parents helped me plan it out as Aaron and I really don't know what were doing with one.  We will see if we can keep it up all summer like I hope to. 

I finished up the weekend with some sparkling wine, Aaron, and Friday Night Lights.  It was definitely one of the best Mothers Days we have had and a great way to finish up my 29th year.

what are your random thoughts today?

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