Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my table

The Saturday before Mothers Day I got a great idea to start upcycling our picnic table.  This table came with our house along with a whole bunch of other junk.  It had a good frame, but the wood was falling apart and it sat unusable in the corner of our yard.  Aaron and I agreed that it would be great when it was fixed up but neither of us had it on our project list radar until a Mothers Day weekend.

That Saturday I went to Home Depot for supplies and have been working on this project since.  The first thing that I needed to do was take the old table apart.  This was actually the hardest part of the entire project as the screws had been rusted on.  

I was able to saw off a bunch of screws and our neighbor Jon gave me a power tool to use for the rest.  The tool scared the crap out of me though and after one screw, a half an hour of being scared and timid, I asked him to help.  I went to get my camera to take pictures of him helping me and by the time I walked out the door he was done.  Good call for asking him to help.

Next came sanding all the metal down, spraying it with rust converter and then putting a couple coats of spray paint over the top.  The rust converter turned it black and helped protect it from rusting again.  The spray paint I used also had rust prevention in it so it shouldn't rust for a while.

For the boards I sanded them down, painted them and then put a wet sealer on top.  The sealer will help the table last longer and be able to endure our extreme weather.  It has already rained twice and the water is just pealing off!

After everything was painted and dried I measured, drilled and attached the boards to the base.  This didn't take that long except that I needed longer screws for the seats so I had to run back to Home Depot for those.

The project was not hard but it took a while to complete because I was painting everything and I wanted everything to dry all the way before moving on to the next step.  I also took a few trips to the store because I forgot things along the way.


I am so excited about our new table, it will be great for our family this summer as we love to eat outside.  We had our first meal on it Memorial Day, brats and hot dogs for its inauguration!  

As I was enjoying our first meal with our table I couldn't help but think of all the memories we will get to make sitting around it.  I have visions of our kids friends, our parents, and our siblings sitting on those benches.  What a wonderful addition to our yard.

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