Monday, May 19, 2014

honor flight

with my Grandparents recently

Today my grandpa is being honored for his time in service by going on the Never Forgotten Honor Flight.  As I type this he is enjoying a day in Washington DC where he is going to memorials that were put up in honor of all those in service for our country.  He served in the air force during the Korean war.  Anytime I have gone to DC I felt a special sense of pride for him as I visited that memorial.  Today he is one of 79 men who served during the Korean War that are on this trip, 9 men who served in other wars are also going.

Growing up my grandpa didn't talk about his time in service much.  The few times I heard about his time as a guard were when he talked about visiting his war buddies.  That being said, he let me open up his trunk once and look at all his memories from that time.  I don't know if he would even remember opening that old trunk but as he didn't talk about the war much I felt honored that he let me in.  I remember looking at a few photos and pulling out his large uniform - for those that don't know him, he is tall!  I remember dusting off some letters and then carefully putting them back as I knew they were special to him.  I remember the subtle tears in his eyes and him walking away because I think it was too much..... 

My grandpa is one of my hero's and I always felt proud to be his granddaughter.  His service to his country is something I always admired in him.  I hope today he understands that many people feel the same way and value his sacrifice.  Thank you.

my crew with my grandparents

For anyone who has ever served in our military, THANK YOU.  Your efforts and time are not unnoticed and they are appreciated.

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How awesome is that! Congratulations to your Dad!

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