Friday, April 11, 2014

.meet kiki and nugget.

Today we got two new members added to our family.  Meet Nugget and Kiki (short for Teryaki).  They are both four week old chicks and should be grown enough to start laying sometime in August.   The younger kids are already smitten with the baby chicks and I am excited to introduce the older boys to them after school.

As for our older hens, they are doing well.  In the past two weeks they have started to lay eggs on a more regular basis, I think it is because the weather is warmer.  They have total personalities which is funny.  Penny, our golden one, is easy to hold and is compliant with the kids.  Tyson, our black and white hen, is skid-dish around everyone.  

Now I am off to clean up their house and hold a baby chick or two.

Introducing Kiki

Introducing Nugget

Asher with Penny.

Our grown hens, Tyson and Penny.

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Gem said...

Oh my, how cute!! x