Monday, April 28, 2014


This year is the first year we plan on having a garden.  A real one.  It is our second summer in this house.  Last year we just let our garden grow to see what was in there.  It turns out there were a few rose bushes, some asparagus, and a whole bunch of weeds.  

Last fall I pulled out the Rose bushes and transplanted them.  Saturday we rented a tiller and plowed the rest of the garden up.  In less then thirty minutes we had our weeds gone.  I loved watching the tiller as it broke through the ground.  I still don't know exactly what plants we will put in our garden space, but I am excited none the less.  

As I looked around our yard Saturday I saw the promise of growth everywhere.  The garden was plowed and will produce life soon.  Our baby chicks are growing and will become hens in the next few months.  Our little Levi was crawling around and he was standing on his own, showing off his fresh skills.  

Lately I have been a real grump.  I am not sure if it was our Wisconsin weather that did me in.  Or the fact that I am often overwhelmed with our 5 who depend on me for most things.  I needed Saturday, where I asked God to till my heart a little, turning over the weeds of doubt, fear, & anxiety replacing them with a fresh start.  Saturday gave me a fresh perspective that everything will be alright.

I am excited to enter this next season where I can look with fresh eyes to watch for growth.  Growth in our land, yes.... but also our hearts as we still are learning how to live life with each other.  Growth in our spirits as God refreshes us daily and heals us as one family.  I don't know all the plans for our future just as I don't have my plants yet picked out  - but I know growth will occur and I am ready.

Do you ever ask God to till your heart?  To make you new?

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