Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Thank you Lydia for your carefree spirit.  You have no idea how much watching you dance for Jesus inspires this mamas heart.

I should probably be getting ready for Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit, but instead I am writing this..... because I want to remember it (and because I don't need a lot of time to pack).  

Often as I drive, my kids are chatting away at me.  Truthfully I halfheartedly listen most of the time.  One I can't hear them enough to pay attention and two it is a lot of talking.  Sometimes though I can hear them singing to the music and with that I get to see them dancing as I look in the review mirror.  

Today was one of those days.  Lydia loves music and she knows every single word to every Christian song that comes on the radio, which is why I leave it on K-Love most of the time.  It is important because it leaves an impression on her and I want any imprint to be good as we drive a lot.  

Today with her off key notes she was also dancing.  I adore when my kids dance as it is so carefree.  Lydia just moves her little body, as best she can in a car-seat, without a care in the world without a thought of someone thinking she might look silly.  Which she totally does and I LOVE THAT because she is worshiping God with everything she has, no restrictions.

So often I don't raise my hands in worship at church because I am consumed in what others will think of me.  I get away with it because I am holding a baby on my hip and I can pass that off, most of the time, as a reason to not worship fully.... but that is what I am doing, not giving my all.  

Today I am thankful for the little reminder that it doesn't matter what others think, the only thing that matters is what we are giving to God.  I know He knows when I hold back.

So as I get ready for two full days of learning how I can care for orphans both in the US and abroad I also am preparing to give my all.  It is time I worshiped HIM, the one who made me, with no restrictions.  

Oh, I am so thankful for the reminders that God grants through the little ones he has placed in my care.

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