Thursday, March 13, 2014

.the absent truth.

.the absent truth.  I have been gone for far too long from this space.  My writing skills are most likely gone by this point.... which doesn't say much as I have never been one for grammar anyways.  I have been hiding from here, this space, not writing for a while.  I have been telling others I am too busy.  Which is partly true, but I could ALWAYS make time if I wanted instead I have been wasting it.

Since my last two trips to Ethiopia I have hardly written.  At first it was because I said I was soaking it in, because I wanted it to digest.  Which, again, is partly true - I did need some time to let the trips process......

However, the truth of my absent matter is that I want Africa for me.  I don't like to share.  And sometimes sharing my journey in HIM is the hardest part.  It is an ugly truth as so much is learned from my trips, and from my day to day that needs to be shared so that others may capture a glimpse of the same...... growing in Christ and love.  So forgive me friends.  really.  truly.  because I know God has given me stories that He wants me to share and I have selfishly kept them for myself.

It is time I let others back in.  So I will try.  Try to re-create the time I had in Ethiopia.... and capture some thoughts on living each day for HIM, in HIM, so that I {and possibly others} can continue to grow.  .the absent truth.

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