Friday, January 10, 2014

two years

Two years ago today I woke up for the first time in Ethiopia.  A place that has now captured my heart.  A large part of me can't believe it has only been two years.  It is hard to think back to before I ever knew about this majestic place that has since captured my soul.  It is gut-wrenching to think back to a time with out my Ethiopian friends in my life..... because they are now such a part of me and who I am.  They are some of my best friends, my best prayer warriors, my mentors.

Two years ago today I stepped onto the AHOPE grounds for the first time.  I entered not fulling knowing how drastically our lives would change by walking through those gates.  We were there to meet our son that day but by entering we meet so many more people then just Tariku.  We also meet our son Fares, only God hadn't yet set us on that course.  We also hung out with Tariku's best buds who are still in his life.  We meet a few of his friends families who are now forever a part of ours.  

Two years ago today I got to hold our little boy who was excited for a family.  We hadn't yet gone through the longing of missing him.  We hadn't yet gone through the plane ride from hell.  We hadn't yet gone through the horrid motions of him grieving because of missing his country and life.  We hadn't yet learned that love is very, very, hard and difficult sometimes and it is in those times that we need to show love the most.

As I think back to this day two years ago I get overwhelmed by how far God has grown our family in this short amount of time.  I get overwhelmed with how much we have grown in Him, in LOVE, and in faith.  I am filled with pride for how well Tariku is doing today, as I think back to how hard it was.  I am filled with how much love we have for him.  I am filled with thank you's to Jesus for bringing the sweet friendships with our adoptions.  I am filled with thank you's to Jesus for bringing us through those green gates.

those sweet dirty amazing green gates.

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