Tuesday, October 1, 2013

dropping out of homeschool

This is the post where I get to tell you all how we dropped out of homeschooling.....because we did. and I am so glad.

When we decided to homeschool the kids last spring it was mostly because of the bus situation.  The kids bus ride is forever long and last year Tariku just HATED it..... it was really long for anyone let alone a 5 year old.  Also at the time I didn't even want to think about putting little Lydia on the bus by herself for her ride to school, which is half day.

Because Tariku has been here only for about a year and a half we know that he adjusts differently than most kids.... and to be honest there has been a lot of adjustment in our family since he came home, with more to come.  So we thought that we needed the extra time together to bond, as a family.

Our decision had nothing to do with public or private education.  I loved our school district and the teachers that are blessed to have jobs there.  Our decision was mostly because of the bus and what we thought was good for our family.

Then we were around each other 24/7 and it became apparent that this type of schooling, at home with no break, was not going to work.  The school part of our day went fine.  The kids had fun with our lessons, and I was able to make it through too.  However the 90% of the day that was not focused on our lessons was a mess.  Instead of the unified bonding and happy family time we turned into crazytown.  My house is still recovering.  When Aaron came home from work I went into our bedroom to retreat.  To collect myself.  I was weary and getting through each day was hard.  Harder then it needed to be.

So after three weeks we handed the education part over to a public school.  And instantly my stress level lowered significantly.  The kids started school last week and so far are enjoying their time there.  They come home each day full of fun things to tell me about.  I actually feel like I appreciate the kids more with them being gone.... as I can enjoy the time I do have with them.

Because they are at school I don't feel the pressure to have to educate my children in every area of life.  I can focus on the important things with them.  We can have fun learning about our Bible stories and I can actually focus with them in the areas they need extra help.

I now also have time with the two younger boys.  And each day we get to cuddle and play, which is important for them and their development.

All of this has been really good for our bonding and the emotional health of our family.

I still hate having to put Lydia on the bus everyday.  It is hard to watch my tiny girl ride away.... but having a bus driver named Quest, who greats her with a smile daily helps a little. 

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Margot Rose said...

Glad to hear that school story, and i love your outfit.