Friday, September 13, 2013


Sometimes I just get behind in life.  That is how it goes, hence the absence from this blog.  

At home I have piles.  Piles of dishes, piles of clothes, piles of mail.  

And yet time just pulls us forward onto the next thing, whatever that next moment is. 

Often I go throughout the day thinking I will get to something in a minute.... only to find that next minute is full of a baby that needs me more, or a child who is desperate for attention. 

Often I get to my afternoon alone time (thank goodness for nap time, amen) thinking I will get to write out thoughts from the week, day, month, moment, only to feed the baby or have enough time to just check my email (or facebook). More often then not I am holding little Levi.

The thing is, there are always a million things on my to-do list..... but the time my kids are here with me is fleeting.  

So I guess it is alright when I don't have time to blog, or put away clothes or get through the dirty dishes. 

Enjoy your moments today friends. 

*All photos were from a park night we had earlier this week.

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