Thursday, August 8, 2013

.were back.

.were back.  I have been home since last Monday and am just now getting to blog about the trip to Ethiopia.  I guess that is what happens when you return to life with four children.  The trip was great and exhausting at the same time.  Over the next week (lets be honest it might take more then a week) I will try to recap it as best possible.

 with our gear..... yep, it was a lot.

First of all I brought my friend Mandie with me.  Originally I had asked my Gina sister to come as she loves our son to the moon and back just like we do.  Unfortunatly there was a small time period she could not make it and that turned out to be the week we were scheduled for court.  So I asked Mandie to come - she and I have traveled together before and I knew we would balance each other out on the trip.  We act like a married couple, haha.  Mandie also has been to Ethiopia before and so I felt confident in taking her with me.  Plus I knew it would mean a lot for her to go back, see friends with me, and for her to meet our son.

at a low point in Chicago...waiting for our shuttle.

Mandie also has a young baby.  Her boy, Elijah is 6 months old and traveled with us as well.  So it was Levi & me and Mandie & Eli.  We kept telling people that Mandie was my moral support and Eli was Levi's.  Both babies traveled like champions.  We are blessed with two of the best babies in the world.  They were beyond amazing and great travel partners.

travel buddies.... we even made them shirts 
(unfortunately they were spit up on before we got a 
decent picture of them together....silly babies).

This leads us up to day one.  We got into Addis in the morning, the early morning.  We stayed at my friends guest house, Family Morning Coffee Guest House, and Nessibu planned on picking us up.  Backtrack a minute with me, since Mandie is friends with the the owners of the guesthouse we decided to surprise them by not telling them she was coming.  I told them I was coming and bringing a friend with me.... they didn't know who it was.  Back to the story.... Nessibu arrived and was so surprised that Mandie came with me.  On the way back to the guest house he kept saying, "Birtukan will go faint" and then singing because he was so happy about our surprise.  

When we got to the guesthouse I went inside and squealed with Birtukan for a minute.  I was so excited to see my friend again.  She was shocked that I brought Levi, even though I told her I was going to.  She kept saying that it was a surprise and she was tearful at the fact that she got to meet my baby.  She asked to hold him and I said, "yes, but first I have another surprise".  Then I brought her outside.... and the rest is just too joyful not to show you.  I recorded it, but bear with me I was excited so the camera is all over.

The rest of day one is being saved for another post.  Most likely because it will take forever to get it written and I want to share this delightful part of our trip.  Birtukan will be talking about her "bigga bigga surprise" for a long time.

Her smile says it all!
love. love. love.

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