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.day one, part two.

.day one, part two.  
I am just going to get right into it.... from where I left off.  To read part one go here.  

Mandie might kill me for posting this.....

After catching up with Birtukan, eating lunch, taking a shower, and getting a cat nap in we were headed to Little AHOPE the orphanage "F" is at.  I don't even remember all of my emotions at the time but of what I do remember I was nervous, excited, scared, thrilled and anxious all rolled up into one person.  It was a lot of emotion, that is what I do remember.  

When we arrived we had to go into the office for something, I don't even remember what.  We sat there for what felt like forever, although it was probably only 5 or 10 minutes.  Then my friend Tewabe came in and he said we could follow him out and talk with him in the main area.  The kids were finishing up their rest time, so we talked a little.  Tewabe kept going in and out of the boys room and talking with the boys.  I didn't know if I was supposed to go and follow him or if he was going to bring "F" out.  What was apparent is that every single boy knew who I was and they were all excited for "F".  I was there for "F", his family finally came.  

on his bed, meeting his youngest brother

After a couple of minutes Tewabe led me into the boys room and I got to see "F".  I could tell he was just as nervous and excited and anxious, and all the same emotions I was.  We were like two lost people who didn't know what to say.  All of my emotions came at the moment I entered their small room and it took a lot for me not to cry as I sat on his lower bunk and said hello to him.  It had been over a year since we saw each other and I was unsure if he would even remember me at all.  At one point he said he remembered me and he smiled and said, "friend of Jimmy and Rachel" - "yes" was my reply, after all they brought us together.  I introduced him to his little brother and we just sat there for a little bit.  

watching daddy's message

Then "F" showed me around the whole orphanage.  I had been there before, as Tariku was at the same place, but he showed me everything anyways and was proud of his home.  After my mandatory tour I sat him down and showed him a book I made for him.  It had our family members in it along with some pictures of our home.  He connected right away with the kids, taking a real interest in Asher.  I don't know why but he is really excited to meet his Asher brother.  Then I showed him videos I had everyone make him.  He absolutely lit up when Aaron came on with his message to "F".  His dad. "F's" smile was about a mile long and we watched that video more than once.  

holding Levi, he was so happy and a very proud big brother

Over the next hour or so I played a couple games with him and the other children.  We also talked a little.  By the way he knows English really well, like so well we don't even need a translator, thank you Jesus for helping him learn.  Just the get to know you types of things, favorite color: blue, favorite food: spaghetti, what do you want to grow up to be: a famous actor & dancer (ok, what 11 year old boy wants to do that.... I might need help) favorite game: a memory one.  During that time he showed his friends his book, his new family, and his baby brother. 

My all time favorite moment from that afternoon was when some of the other kids asked me my name.  I told them it was Desiree.  "F" looked up and said, "your name Desiree, they call you Desiree....but to me your mom".  Melt my heart, I might have teared up a little there in fact I might be crying now thinking about it.  This boy has waited years, YEARS, to say that he has a mom and he was SO PROUD.  .day one, part two.

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allison lohman said...

I may have teared up a bit at the "to me you're mom" comment too. I'm so excited for all of you.