Tuesday, July 2, 2013

stitch fix {my first fix}

I decided to finally give Stitch Fix a try.  If you have never heard about it Stitch Fix let me give you the run down.  Stitch Fix is a personal styling company.  You fill out a styling profile, your size, your shape, etc.  It is really easy and the more detailed the better your fixes.  Then you schedule when you want your Fix.  You can sign up for a specific date or you can choose to get a Fix monthly.  They will then send you five items (clothing and accessories) and whatever you don't like you return in a prepaid mailing bag.  You have three business days to decide what you want to keep.  The cost is $20 per fix, however this money goes towards any item you keep (with no extra shipping costs).  Also if you love all five items you get a 25% discount to keep them all! 

I decided to get a Fix because I need some nicer items in my closet for my Noonday parties.  Some clothes that have not been spit up on and drooled all over.  Whatever I get from Stitch Fix will be strictly worn when I am not around my children, which is not a lot, so I can keep it nice.  

When I scheduled my fix I was specific about what I wanted.  I requested shirts that were loose.  I need them looser right now because my stomach is still shrinking and because I am nursing and will be for a while. I also requested no accessories since I have all my Noonday gear I don't need or want anything else.

First up was this orange Emari Button-Up Neck Tie Tank by Tulle 

When I saw this I was excited to try it on.  It fit my criteria as it looked loose and I could easily nurse in it, as it has buttons.  

However this one was way too small on me and it was also too short.  So sad.  Back into the return bag for this one. 

Next up was this Damian Sleeveless Collared Blouse by Sweet Rain
Noonday Accessories: Tagua Seed Coral Bracelet and the Bone Carved Earrings for some red, white, and blue.

My first impression was that it was too plain and that I didn't like the collar at all.  I reluctantly put it on and it was also too short and too tight.  Um.... No.  Into the bag it went without a second thought.

Shirt number three was a Sutro Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Sweater by Very J.

My first impression of this shirt was that it was cute and I would love it.  I adore the color and stripes make up about 80% of my clothes.

This shirt fit me alright but I didn't like it for two reasons.  One the stripes made me look big.... and after having a baby that is not what I wanted to go for.  Two the hi-lo thing was weird, way weird there was not even a gradual decline just a drop off.  I felt like whoever made it ran out of fabric for the front so they just left it.  Not me at all.  I would have loved this if it was all the same length, preferably somewhere in-between the hi-lo.

Fourth up was this Rocio Colorblock Cotton Knit Sweater by Mystree.
Noonday Accessories: Minted Necklace and Dazzle Earrings

My first impression on this was that I loved it.  I loved the colors so much!  I was the most excited to try this piece on of all the shirts.

Pros:  This shirt fit me well, it might have been a tad too big.  I really loved the colors.  I would pick something like this out and get it on my own, it is my style for sure.

Cons:  This shirt came with a heavy price tag.  At $58 I couldn't go for it.  That is way more then I would ever spend on a single item.   It also didn't have any form at all and I sort of felt like I was wearing a tent.  I know I said loose but this was really, really wide.

Shirt number 5 was this Camryn Striped Open Knit Cardigan by Fiancee.

My first impression was that I would really like this one too.  Although it is not the color I would normally pick, it was the right style.

This shirt fit me well and I loved it immediately.  Couldn't find one thing I didn't like about this shirt other then the price tag.  However, since I wanted to get something and not lose my $20 styling fee I kept it!  Thanks for this winner Stitch Fix!

Overall impressions:
  Stitch Fix is Fun!  I liked getting a box that was tailored just for me.  It was super convenient and easy to get and then ship back.  Having four children at home, one nursing every two hours during daylight, Stitch Fix is ideal for a shopper like me who cannot get out a lot right now.  

Shipping is a huge pro as there is no cost!  Whatever items you do not want get put into a prepaid shipping bag from the US Postal Service, so you can mail it out at home.  Awesome!

I also love, love, love how they provide a styling card for each outfit.  (See the first shirt's card).  It is nice to see how they would style an outfit for both a more casual look and for a more professional look.  They really hit the head of the nail on the cards!

On the negative side it is pricey.  The shirt I got was $48, which is a lot more then I have spent on any clothing in the past five years.  However I knew this going into it, it is something I will not be doing all the time, and it is much higher quality then what I normally pick up so I am ok with spending a little more.  

Another bummer I see in this is not being able to pick my own clothes, I love shopping for myself.  However, that is also part of the fun having a mystery and letting someone else style you.  I also hear that with the more feedback you give the better fixes become.  From what I can tell it takes about four fixes before your stylist really nails your personal style.  So although we missed the mark on a couple of my shirts this round, maybe in two more fixes I will love all five.

Stitch Fix Winner #1

So did I make the right pick?  How about you have you tried Stitch Fix?  Do you want to?  If you sign up and try it out let me know.  I would love to see your first fix!

*I was not paid by Stitch Fix for this post, all opinions are my own.  However Stitch fix has a sweet rewards program and I did use my affiliate links throughout this blog.

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