Thursday, July 18, 2013

.here we go.

.here we go.  

Since my last post a lot has happened.  For one we got a court date!!!  I honestly didn't expect to get one until sometime this week or next, so we were surprised.  The email came last Friday, two days after applying for Levi's passport.  We then called to see what could be done about his passport to see which one of us was going, either Aaron or I.  Friday the woman I talked with said to call back Monday as his information was still not even in the system.  She also assured me that it would come and they would work with us.  Nervously (because of the passport issue) we decided that I would go with Levi and a friend.  

Then Monday came and I called the passport office again.  This time the man I talked with was not as reassuring, in fact he was downright depressing to talk with and stated that nothing could be done and I needed to wait.  After frantically calling around Monday and asking for prayers I got connected with a man, later in the day, who works under a Senator in a different state.  He told me that he would be able to help and ask the passport agency to pull my file and expedite it immediately.  Thankfully the agency agreed and they were able to process our file really fast!  They mailed it out Tuesday for overnight delivery and I started watching for UPS like a hawk ready to take down some prey.  *Note: before this week I had no idea what senators (or their staff) did, seriously not a clue.  I am very thankful they were able to help!

Yesterday I spent my morning staked out at my front window.  When I wasn't at the window I was checking the status of the package.  At 10:45 I checked our status and it said delivered and left at the front door.  Um, how did I miss the huge truck?  So I ran to look - No package!  Enter panic and tears.  I frantically searched around our entire house.  Checked the bushes, mailbox, and everywhere around the front door, heck I even checked the back door twice.... no package!  Desperate I called UPS and they said they would look into what happened.  

Well.... then I had to leave.  We had a couple more papers to get notarized (I don't think we will ever be done with papers) and I needed to go then.  During the 30 minutes I was away UPS called me and told me the driver went back to check and it was there where he left it in our front door..... hummm....Not likely as me and all the kids exited that door, but ok.  Upon coming home I had a plan I was going to check our door - if it was there great, if not I was going to search every door on our street, front and back.  Well thankfully I didn't need to do part two of my plan because the mailer was at our door when we arrived home!!!  Now, I don't want to say that the UPS guy was lying...... but he totally was.  

However - we have the passport!  Which means Levi and I are going to be leaving for Ethiopia next week for our court date!  We leave Monday night for Chicago and then really early Tuesday for Ethiopia.  

I am so excited to get to go back to Ethiopia and see those I love dearly.  I am a bit nervous at seeing our son, F, because the last time I saw him I didn't know I was his mom.  I knew he was special to me, but being his mom was not even on my radar.  He now knows I am his mamma and I just can't wait to share more about our family with him!  What a gift that will be. 

Last night I pictured going and I had the same emotions welling up inside of me that I did right before I left for Tariku.  Nervousness, excitement, unpredictability just an overwhelming feeling of so many different emotions.  Thank you Jesus for bring us to this point and answering our prayers - both in getting a court date before the closure and in all the passport troubles.  I feel so blessed!

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