Wednesday, July 10, 2013

.a newborn and a passport.

.a newborn and a passport.  

Lord help us.  That has been my plea this week as we headed in to get Levi a passport.  We still do not know when or who will travel for our court date, but we know the time is near.  Since Aaron only has limited time off from work left this year, I will travel once and he will travel once.  This will save some of his time off for when "F" comes home.  This means we had to get a passport for our little man, as he will travel with me.  

The rules for passport photos for a newborn are the same as an adult.  These are the guidelines I followed:

1. They need to be facing the camera straight on.

2.  Their eyes have to be open.

3. Both ears MUST be visible in the picture (hence straight on). 

4. Their mouth must be closed. (and chin showing).

5. No part of the parent's hands or arms can be showing. Babies hands can't be in it either for that matter.

6. The background must be white.  With no shadows or wrinkles or anything.....

7. There can be no shadows. 

In other words obtaining a passport photo for a newborn is an almost impossible task.  To get our "accepted" photo we took two trips to Walgreens and three to the post office.  This was after our "home session" that I thought would produce at least one acceptable photo.  Ultimately it is over and done and we are relieved.  It was a headache for sure and I am so glad it is out of my hands and in the mail.  Here is what Levi thought of the entire process.... and I have to say I totally agree.

.a newborn and a passport.

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