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.welcoming our fourth - his story.

10000 Reasons by Matt Redman on Grooveshark
I love that this played moments after his birth!

How do i even begin...... when I posted "I will trust in you" last Monday I didn't know the events that would lead to this one - what a week!

On Tuesday I went in for another routine visit to my doctor but it turned out to not be a routine exit from the office.  We found out that the baby, that had been head down for weeks, was now in an oblique/transverse position.  This meant that if I went into labor at all on my own I would need to rush to the nearest hospital for an emergency c-section...... something that had never crossed my mind during this pregnancy.

My doctor wanted to give the baby a few days to move on its own so we scheduled a visit back on Thursday.  Heavy prayers went up in the two days time that the baby would flip.  I didn't want a c-section at all but read up on them anyways trying to prepare for the "just in case" scenario.  I also prepared myself for an Aversion which would happen if the baby was still transverse - this is where you go to the hospital and they try to turn the baby so it is no longer in breech position.

Thursday afternoon came with its scheduled doctors visit.  I was super nervous to learn the outcome of how I would be able to deliver.  I knew I just had to trust that it would be alright.  As soon as I saw the baby on the ultrasound I knew it was head down and I was excited that I could deliver the baby without a c-section.  The baby was face up, but that was better then it's face in my side.  Since I was going to be 39 weeks on Saturday and the baby had a lot of movement in recent weeks my doctor wanted to take the opportunity to induce me while the baby's head was down and not give it another chance at going into it's sideways position.  I was fine with this as long as the baby was going to be healthy.  He reassured me that the baby would be fine being delivered at 39 weeks and we planned on induction for Friday morning!

Thursday night I hardly slept.  Who can sleep when they know their going to meet their little one the next day?  We woke up early and said goodbyes to the kids and grandma (who stayed with them this weekend - THANK YOU!). Then headed to the hospital to be there by 6:45 am.

*Note: This is my babies birth story.  I made it as pg as possible, but birth isn't the easiest thing to pg, so if you don't want details - don't read the rest!

When we arrived we were assigned our nurse, which was our amazing nurse from my daughters birth, nurse Julie.  At 7:30ish they checked me and broke my water.  Apparently my body was already doing work in the day and a half the baby's head was down.  Then they started me on an iv and pitocin.  I didn't feel any big contractions until about 10ish and they didn't get bad for another hour.  At one point I looked at Aaron and said, "things just got real" after a really big contraction.

Around 12:30ish I got my blessed epidural.  I didn't get one sooner because I wanted to walk around and try to help the baby move down.  I absolutely hate the process of getting the epidural as the needle scares the crap out of me, but the blessing of it is pretty great and for that I am thankful.  The drugs kicked in around 1pm and then I tried to relax a little bit.

At quarter to 2:00 I started feeling a lot of pressure and wanted the nurse to check where we were at.  She told me my doctor said to wait until 2 so she was going to wait.  I know my body and I know from my previous births that when I feel pressure a baby will be born soon (the last two were delivered within 10 minutes time with the same feeling) so I told her she needed to check me.  At 1:58 she finally gave in and checked and then started to panic as she said, "yeah your feeling pressure because your ready to push".  *Told you I know my body!  Then she called our doctor and a couple other nurses into the room.  They set up the room as fast as they could because it had not been set up yet.  She told me not to push or do anything because my doctor was not there, so I was supposed to relax and wait.

Women around the world will hate me after reading this next section.  I apologize, but THANK YOU JESUS for making my body deliver babies this well. 

Around 2:25 my doctor came in and got ready and then they told me to push on my next contraction.  I started to cry because I have never pushed before.  Aaron confirmed this info with them as the four doctors/nurses in the room were shocked and literally stared in disbelief at my statement (they all know I have two other bio kids - Lydia I just sat up with & Asher delivered himself).  The nurse calmed me down and told me what to do then we waited for my contraction to come..... which was an eternity.  My contractions up to that point came every 2-3 minutes from the start of labor and this final one came after 6 minutes so it was a really long wait.  When it finally came I pushed three times and our baby boy was born!

I held him for a little while and then they took him to clean him off, weigh him and do the first of whatever they do with newborns.  I remember at this point that 10,000 reasons by Matt Redman was playing as they weighed him and I was in tune with the music and thanking Jesus for a smooth delivery and a beautiful baby boy.

Levi Patrick is the perfect addition to our family and we are all so in love.  He is a tiny little thing weighing 6 pounds 12oz at birth but he is healthy and beautiful.  Thank you Jesus for this addition and for the insurmountable peace you brought last week.  

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Lora said...

congratulations! he's just beautiful! and praising God with you that you didn't have to have a c-section!