Monday, June 3, 2013

.I will trust in You.

Around here we have been busy, busy preparing for two.  I think my nesting tendencies have been doubled by two as well.  Things are not ever going to be clean enough.  I have prepared the house only to see it get messy again by the three tornadoes that currently occupy this space - the cleaning never really stops.  The one thing I know we are set on is food.  I have enough meals prepared for the summer, which is not an exaggeration.  I bought three wildtree freezer meal kits and prepared them all times two - so in that re-guard we are more then set.  

We have had more hospital and doctors visits then necessary lately.  Just a check up for Tariku, and scheduling a minor surgery for Asher (which will happen later this summer).  Lydia decided she needed her own special doctor too, so she shoved a coffee bean up her nose last week bringing her in.  Glad that ordeal is over with - and I know non of my children will ever do that it was painful to watch the eviction of the bean.

And then there is the adoption.  ALL of our papers are in Ethiopia!!!! And we have been through our biometric (fingerprinting) appointment!  Both of these are HUGE and we now just wait for our court date.  We have no idea when that may come.  It might be summer it might be fall.  Aaron might go by himself.... or I might go with him.  Everything is so unknown as far as the timeline.  All we know is that our end of everything is finished and we wait on the other end.  We trust it will happen how it should and God will be in charge of that timeline.

Which leads us to the baby.  I am due on the 15th and truthfully am prepared for anytime.  This baby has been good to me - I am not lying when I say this has been the best pregnancy.  However, being due in two weeks I am starting to get uncomfortable and I think anyone at this point just wants the baby out..... which is where I am at.  I can't wait to meet this little one!

Of course I am nervous to add our fourth.  But we are also anticipating it like Christmas day.  The kids are all really excited which helps me to trust that they will be great with the baby.  So we trust in the Lord to bring both children in his time and to help us adjust to both transitions, whenever they may come.

This painting was done this past week as a commission request for a friend.  The verse has helped me to remember to TRUST in the Lord at all times.  

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