Friday, May 10, 2013

.mothers day gifts under $25.

 Items in photo under $25: Dazzle Earrings

Mothers day is just a few days away - yikes!  This also happens to be my 29th birthday and the start of my last round in the 20's.

Items in photo under $25: Jones Design Journal

As far as gifts go, I am usually pretty laid back.  I don't really want anything huge.  My only requirement is that I never want flowers - they are gonna die anyhow.  I usually opt for a day out with my family - and it is usually in this cute crafty town near us in Cedarburg, WI which my sister in law refers to as Pleasantville.

Items in photo under $25: Circles Forever Bracelets (silver and brass)

This year I have some other gift ideas to share with you all.  Because as nice as a day out with your family is, sometimes it is like a write-off gift and other times it ends with tears from over-tiered little ones (and mamas who just want to browse craft stores).  Plus every mother loves to be pampered once in a while, we wear the mom-look all the time (or at least I do) with my hair up and messy and not so nice clothes on.  Well, how about throwing in some jewelry to inspire us all to look nice and take off the grunge.

Items in Photo under $25: Sun Disc Earrings
Other items: Light Layers Necklace
*bracelets in photo are all discontinued.

A couple days ago I shared that I have recently become a Noonday Ambassador.  I love the company because they help others.  Through your purchases you not only would get to dress up your mom or your wife but you would also be helping another family across the world.  And that is something super special.  It is like a bonus gift in itself!

Items in photo under $25: Cups (Gallina and Fiesta

Noonday carries items that are priced between $12.00 and $285.00, so every price range is represented.  There are many items in Noonday's Collection that are affordable and some gorgeous items under $25.00 are below!

3. Tea Towels (dots, fiesta, gallina, and manana)
7. Handmade Stationery (dots, geometric, and filigree)
8. Handmade Journal (fiesta, and dots)
10. Handpainted Cups (gallina and fiesta)
11. Tagua Rings (sunset orange, berry, and aqua)
17. Pelotas Bracelet (tangerine, navy, and seagreen)
19. Gypsy Stack Bracelets (purple, red, and turquoise)
22. Circles Forever Bracelet (silver and brass)

Items in photo under $25: Anastasia Wristlet 

As it is too late to order a mothers day gift and get the actual item in time you could order and print out a picture of the item with the artisans story.  You could also opt for a gift card and let your mother pick out her favorite item.  As there is a huge selection of items I am sure everyone will find something they love from Noonday.

Item in photo under $25: Olivia Bracelet

No matter what you gift your mother or wife with, be sure to celebrate her on this special day - moms do a lot of hard work!

**Note: This post is part of Nerd Wallets Mothers Day Gift Contest!  Go visit for some other amazing gift ideas. 

**Disclaimer: All photos in this blog post were taken from Noonday.

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