Thursday, May 16, 2013

.a little reflecting.

Lydia reading

Sometimes I have little to no words.  This week has been that sort of way.  I have been catching up on laundry as we were all sick last week and there has been a lot of other things to reflect on as well.  Along with a lot of anticipation on our near future.  Both have left me with deep thoughts.  

My sisters and I always messed up my moms "nice" pictures - 
it figures that the only "nice" ones we have together are our goofy shots!

Mothers day was a hard day around here.  It was a day in which I needed to reflect upon the other moms that have been woven into our story.  Both of our boys mama's were heavy on my heart Sunday and I couldn't help but think of how this day will bring a mix of emotions for our sons the rest of their lives.  Something you don't really think about in the process of adopting (at least the first time around)...... but something very real when your child comes home.

Our adoption is right now going great and our papers are officially in D.C. getting Authenticated (the last step of paperwork in America) and then will be sent off to Ethiopia.  We are thrilled that our papers are officially out of our hands.  It also brings on some anxiety as there is nothing more I can do - when I had the paperwork the speed was in my control - now it is not, and we have entered the "wait" stage which is hard when timing is so unknown.  

At the Lion King play this past month

Then we have the anticipation of the baby.  Both Aaron & I are nesting.  It is crazy.  Aaron has never gotten any sympathy pregnancy symptoms before this pregnancy and he thought other men who got them were a little whack - but here he is nesting and eating chocolate (which is completely strange for him).  He has cleaned our entire basement and finishing up housework like a nut.  And I am cooking meals and stock piling our freezer like the Apocalypse is coming.  

ahh, I love him

I am also getting sentimental   The other day Asher fell asleep in the car and I carried him into the house and just sat with him as he slept.  I would have normally transferred him into his bed, but I wanted to hold him.  He is only gonna be my baby for a short while longer and I am wondering how he will change because of it.  I think he will be an awesome big brother but a little part of me is sad that he will no longer be "my baby" - he has coveted this role in our family for the past 2.5 years.

They have gotten good at the "goofy" poses.

Anyhow all these anticipations of "the soon" are on our minds and in our thoughts.  Hope you are all doing well friends.  I am off to gather another list of items I need for meals.  Our freezer is gonna be packed for this summer and I am loving it.

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