Friday, April 26, 2013


Brightly Wound Bracelet (coral, mint, and mustard), 
and Tagua Ring (batiked aqua, sunset orange, and berry).

I am here to remind you all that TODAY is the last day to shop our Noonday sale, with purchases going toward our adoption.  Go Here to check out their gorgeous items!

If you do plan to order at checkout, select "Krista Williams" in the drop down that asks for Ambassador Name, enter all of your information & then at the very bottom of the checkout screen, you will see a field that asks for Trunk Show Name (it's actually in a little boxed section that says for Ambassadors only - just ignore that) you need to enter "Dez Thompson" in that field.

Also there are only a couple more days left for our Give One Save One campaign.  We would really appreciate your support in sharing our story.

Next week I get to reveal some miracles and say THANK YOU to a number of people.  I am excited to share more soon...... for now THANK YOU for sharing our story, we are praying it touches others to live out of their comfort zone and follow God's plan.

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