Tuesday, April 30, 2013

.our fundraising miracle.

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.our fundraising miracle.  It is hard to even write this because I know I am not even going to have the right words.  Excuse me from the get-go friends.  I am praying God helps me type this one up right.....

Recently my friend Gina called me with the most amazing news ever.  She told me to sit and then said, "your adoption has been paid in full".

I started bawling. and shaking.  and I didn't really know what to do.  

"what?" (I think) was my response.

"Your adoption has been paid in full!" said Gina.  Then she went on to tell me the story of how this happened for us.

First a tiny bit about Gina & her husband Matt.....

Gina and Matt have been advocating for us to raise money for this adoption.  They know the boy we are in the process to adopt and he holds a special place in their hearts.  Gina and I met through Jimmy & Rachel Gross during our adoptions last year and we have become like sisters.  I look up to her so much and can't wait for the day when we get to meet face to face.  It will be awesome.  

Gina and Matt have been working on setting up a non-profit throughout this past year. It is called, "SHOW UP" and the money raised through them is going to many different non-profits; No Ordinary Love Ministries, Children's Hopechest, Amazima Ministries, World Vision, Project Hopeful, and Love146 to name a few.  In starting "Show Up" their hope was to have a place for people to donate so that the money would be given to reputable organizations they themselves are personally tied to by either visiting, researching in depth, or knowing the founders personally.  Many times we don't know where exactly the money we give goes or if it goes to actually fund a good program, they want to cut out the doubt and give to organizations that are truly trustworthy and making a difference.

They also have a goal to "show up" and help families who are adopting.  Gina and Matt have 8 children, 5 via adoption, and helping others adopt is rooted deep within them both.

Anyhow back to our fundraising miracle now..... 

Recently Matt was in Mexico on a business trip and another business man there asked Matt about his life.  I am not sure exactly what transpired but I know the Holy Spirit was at work.  Matt shared about his non-profit and then also shared about our adoption.  He told the man that right now he was advocating for us and working to bring money in for us so that it would not be an obstacle in bringing "Frank" home.  The man he was talking with asked how much more we needed and Matt stated, "probably around $25,000".  His new friend answered with, "it is done, I will donate the rest".  

And then Matt called Gina and Gina called me.

As this all happened very recently we are still in awe.  I wish I could say a weight was lifted off my shoulders immediately but it still hasn't fully sunk in yet.  Slowly though I am believing that it is true and we are done.  All of this is very humbling, amazing and miraculous to us.  When we prayed asking God to help us with funds, we never thought this would be how he answered.  EVER.  It is proof that BOLD prayers can bring BOLD moves from the Lord.

It is also complete confirmation that this IS the path that HE has laid before us.  We have had a lot of nay-sayers comment their view to us in this adoption.... are you sure?  you can't save them all.  How will you raise the money?  How will you bring him home?  Isn't it bad to adopt out of birth-order.... again?  What about him being older?  What about him and the baby?  How will you handle it all?

We have answered the same way we did when doubters asked us about Tariku's adoption, "We don't have all the answers but we feel like this is where we should be and God will handle the details".  And He has.  Granted not all details are complete, but major obstacles are being overcome BOLDLY before our eyes and that is complete confirmation to us.  The impossible is becoming possible - ALL because of God.  Praise to Him!!!

Since Gina and Matt have "Show Up" the money has been donated to them and we are working together to manage it.  Most of the "extra money" we raise during this adoption is going back to "Show Up" so that others will be blessed with funds.  Some will go towards medical bills and some will be brought directly to Ethiopia and donated to programs near our hearts there.

*Show Up does not have a working website yet, it is in progress.  If you would like to donate and help some of the organizations listed above or a family in the process to adopt please contact me and I will get you Gina's email address.  Thank you friends, I am so excited to see where their ministry goes!


Since we are fully funded I need to tell you that we will be closing most of our fundraising accounts soon.

If you have any phones or ink cartridges for us to send to Funding Factory please let me know by the end of the week and get them to me ASAP.  I will be sending in one or two more boxes and then will no longer be collecting those items.

Our Just Love Coffee Store will stay open Forever!  The money we raise through our coffee sales goes towards the boy's hospital medical bills, as they need to be seen a couple times a year.

The Mission Ethiopia Necklaces and Love Art Blocks will continue to be sold until they are gone!


Nicole said...

Praise the LORD!!!! How AMAZING!! Who is like our God????

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Amazing!!! Praise the Lord!!!