Tuesday, April 23, 2013

.Noonday = swoon & love.

.Noonday = swoon & love.  Oh, I love me some Noonday.  Noonday Collection, for those of you who don't know, is a company devoted to buying fair-trade jewelry, accessories, and household items from women in third world countries (and for refugees living in America).  All the products are hand made and come with a story behind it, which might be the best part.  The artisans stories are all amazing and I love seeing them triumph through whatever it is that previously weighed them down.  

Noonday works through ambassadors, like many other home parties.  I have a handful of friends selling Noonday and they love it.  I have considered selling it myself, but the timing has never been right.  Even though I am not currently an ambassador I adore all their products and love their mission.

Guapa Wrap Bracelet (aquapapaya), and ash & cloud scarf

For our adoption my friend Krista wanted to host a party for us.  She brought many items to our get together in Denver this past weekend and I loved seeing them in person.  She is inviting everyone to participate in our mini "trunk show" party by purchasing online.  Even if you don't plan to purchase please check out their items, as I am sure - 100% sure you will love them.  The orders placed through our event will all be finalized on Saturday - so get your orders in by Friday night!

If you do plan to order at checkout, select "Krista Williams" in the drop down that asks for Ambassador Name, enter all of your information & then at the very bottom of the checkout screen, you will see a field that asks for Trunk Show Name (it's actually in a little boxed section that says for Ambassadors only - just ignore that) you need to enter "Dez Thompson" in that field.

Once again.  As always.  THANK YOU FRIENDS for checking out this fundraiser.  I never thought that our prayer asking God to do this fundraising for us would lead many friends to do home business shows for us and fund-raise in our name.  We are very blessed.  .Noonday = swoon & love. 

Shown in Photo: My Catch All Bag

*Also a special shout-out to all my friends who are Noonday Ambassadors, I love each of you and am thrilled to get to watch you all change the World by sharing these artisans stories.  Love you girls and how your using this for HIS GLORY!- Gina Macconnell, Wynne Elder, and Stephanie Nunes & Sarah Hartson (who is joining soon). 

Shown in this Photo: Nahuala Rectangle Trays

**Disclaimer: All photos in this blog post were taken from Noonday.

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