Friday, April 5, 2013

Mission Ethiopia

The same friend that sent me the Love art blocks from yesterdays post sent me a bunch of beautiful Ethiopian necklaces to sell for our adoption.  They are all handmade masterpieces from Mission Ethiopia located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  They are gorgeous and many of the colors are stunning - they are so bright.  There are 5 different styles to choose from and they are all lovely.

About Mission Ethiopia

Mission Ethiopia provides dignity by empowering at-risk individuals in Ethiopia with a sustainable job that allows them to glorify God by working.  This gives them an opportunity to provide for themselves and their families with the fruit of that labor.  Most of the women are HIV positive or handicapped by leprosy.  By purchasing these products we have helped give many families a hand-up rather then a handout.

In addition they impact the cause of the orphan by serving to keep families intact, care for the children who are currently orphaned, and connect others with the very real need in Ethiopia.

To learn more go to Mission Ethiopia's website.

If you would like to purchase one to help us raise funds for our adoption please visit the Mission Ethiopia Necklace page.  There are limited quantities of each necklace & once they are gone - they are gone!

*I will be updating the quantities when there are only a couple of each left.

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Nicole said...

LOVE that you guys are adopting. We are so excited to start that adventure someday. Hopefully in the not-to-distant future.

Be blessed in your family adventures!