Monday, April 29, 2013

.Mandies surprise.

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.Mandies surprise.  It is no surprise we needed a lot of money really fast for our adoption.  That is right I said, "needed", as in past tense - AS IN - WE ARE DONE & FULLY FUNDED!!!....... here is how the awesomeness transpired.

You all know we started fundraising hard and you were more then likely annoyed with the constant fundraising that has been advertised in this space for about two months now.  The truth is when we said YES to God in pursuing this adoption it came with some serious prayers for fundraising.  Like, I basically told God he HAD to do it because I knew with the baby coming and the paperwork I would not have time.

We did some things on our own like selling books, hosting the basketball tournament, and setting up some accounts through the funding factory and ordinary hero.  We plugged along because we knew we had to.  And as annoying as I felt promoting everything, getting "Frank" home was worth way more then my pride.

God really answered our prayers for help by those who surround us.  People we know started to volunteer to sell things for us and they did a lot of the work.  In this past two months we have had a Wildtree Fundraiser and a Noonday Show.  We have had the honor of selling Mission Ethiopia Necklaces and LOVE ART BLOCKS that were donated by a good friend.  We were asked back to be featured on Give One Save One and it was an honor to get to share our story and our hearts last week with them.

One fundraiser I want to share with you all was started in secret for us.  I knew my best friend Mandie was up to something but I didn't know what.  Then checks started coming in written out to us in random amounts.  Many of them were addressed to us and "F" or had "F's adoption" in the memo.  The numbers were weird ranging from 0-100.  It was crazy.  After about a week of us getting checks every day in the mail Mandie told me what she did.  

She set up a chart from 1-100 and sent our story out to her friends asking them to pick an amount to donate.  She asked that her friends pick a number that meant something to them, maybe their child's birthday number, or their referral date (if they had adopted), or the ages of their kids added up.  The goal she set was to have it filled so that she could help us raise $5,500.  I am not sure how full her chart ever got but so far we have been given around $2,150 from her surprise donation fundraiser.  And the messages that came with it were priceless.  We were given so many letters of encouragement it was overwhelming me to get the mail because I knew I would likely tear up from something that came.

Why am I telling you all this?  Because I want to be transparent.  And I want to share how God will answer prayer when we pray BOLDLY in HIS name.  

We are blown away......  I knew that with our BOLD prayers for help God would answer..... but we are truly humbled with the outpouring of support by those around us who came forward.  In the past two months we have raised $6,625!  In 8 short weeks!  That is about $825 a week for those of you who like numbers.  Amazing.  THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID FRIENDS.  YOU ALL ROCK A MILLION TIMES OVER.  .Mandies surprise.

Tomorrow this story will continue...... because a fundraising miracle happened and it deserves its own space.

Since we are fully funded I need to tell you that we will be closing most of our fundraising accounts  very soon.

If you want anything with Ordinary Hero please get your orders in TODAY.  I will be closing our account this week.  So this is it!  Just find our name at the check out and we will receive 40% of the sale.  (My name, Desiree Thompson, is in the Billing Info right before check out).  

If you have any phones or ink cartridges for us to send to Funding Factory please let me know by the end of the week and get them to me ASAP.  I will be sending in one or two more boxes and then will no longer be collecting those items.

Our Just Love Coffee Store will stay open Forever!  The money we raise through our coffee sales goes towards the boy's hospital medical bills, as they need to be seen a couple times a year.

The Mission Ethiopia Necklaces and Love Art Blocks will continue to be sold until they are gone!

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