Wednesday, April 17, 2013

.in a couple of days.

love these women

.in a couple of days.  On Friday I leave for Denver.  I am a bit excited.  I am meeting up with women who have become my support system for over a year.  We are all adoptive mamas and just "get" each other without saying a word - although we talk and type more then most best friends.  We just know - the ups, the downs, the roller coaster, the loss, the struggle, the redemption, the beauty.  It is just there, and the unspeakable bond it brings is something so beautiful I usually am in awe around these women.  We have meet up twice before coming from all over the country and I love it.

allowed to be quirky

note: none of us have ever been arrested on our trips.....
we did however get thrown off a bus.

When we get together we have a great time.  We are free to be ourselves, goofballs.  Free to laugh, cry, and support each other.  We dine on Ethiopian, as most of our children are from there, and talk about the beloved country.  Somehow a tradition we have is going to get tattoos - were that kind of crazy together.  We also share deep and pray.  

oh, Friday night Ethiopian..... can't wait for you.

I felt a little guilty going, as we are saving every cent, it seems, for our adoption..... but it was already paid for in advance and this mama does need a break.  I feel like life around here has been turned up a notch as we finish our dossier and home study.  A friend reminded me that the devil would be working overtime right now..... unfortunately she was right.  Not getting into details, but man 2, 4 & 5 sometimes are rough playmates.

I don't think I can even explain this

So this peace that is coming is going to be welcomed, gladly. I can't wait to see many of the same ladies again.  And meet some new faces too!  Praying for a relaxing weekend for my soul.  .in a couple of days.

with my travel crew

*These pictures are from our last get-together in Indiana.  
*Here are pictures from our first get-together in Chicago. Part 1 & Part 2

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