Thursday, April 25, 2013

.I believe.

sneak peak of a painting I made for a special little girl

.I believe.  

that spring should be much warmer then 40 degrees,

that we should consider moving south.

that us knowing the baby's gender is killing everyone else.

that if we ever have another baby again, we will do the exact same thing with gender because watching everyone try to pull it out of me is funny.

in love.

home schooling is going well.

two of my three kids reading is proof.

Tariku has learned more in a year then I would have if in the same position.

that one day soon I will be a Noonday Ambassador.

I have filled out the application about 5 times in the last year.

in creating.

that filling up a blank canvas can be a stress reliever.

in HIS word.

life gives you more then you can handle many times.

that if you lean on HIM through those times HE will take over.

fundraising can be fun.

that last statement sounds like I am a weirdo as most people cringe at fundraising.

in miracles.

I get to tell you about one next week.

.I believe.

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