Wednesday, April 24, 2013


the whole group

.Denver.  Sometimes all you need are girl friends.  It has not really been a secret that I have been a little overwhelmed.  Being in your third trimester, raising three kids, and filling out endless paperwork will do that to a person.  Turns out I have limits and need breaks.  This one came at the perfect time.

Friday night talks

this is NOT the most ideal view for a pregnant woman in Denver....

a little winded, but going up anyways

my Summer - the last time we were together was in Ethiopia.

My weekend with my girl friends was a welcomed relief for my soul.  I was feeling a tad guilty but that ended as soon as I saw some of my peeps in the airport.  That moment was also a huge relief as I knew I got the correct weekend & city right.  

Kris, Krista, & I

myself, Rachel, and Brandi

ahhh.... love you two.

Friday we talked.  Saturday we walked.  And Sunday..... well Sunday I traveled home.  Even though the trip was short it was filling.  Filling just to be.  Filling for my soul.  Filling my stomach (pretty sure the 8 pounds I gained in three weeks was mostly put on this weekend).  And filling for my life right now. The only thing I didn't come home with was sleep and that is overrated most of the time anyways.

out to eat

Girls - It was so so good to see each of you!  Miss you like crazy and can't wait for the next trip (that I can go on).  I LOVE YOU ALL DEARLY! 

just because every trip needs at least one random weird photo

Special Thank You to Candi for arranging everything in Denver & being the best roomie (3x in a row).  Love you Girl!  .Denver.

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