Sunday, March 17, 2013

.slam dunk for adoption.

Signing up for this fundraiser has ended.  Thank you to everyone who has joined our basketball pool.  We are excited to watch the tournament with you all!

.slam dunk for adoption.  Onto fundraiser number two that I told you was coming in my last post.  This one has me super excited.  We are going to be hosting a NCAA March Madness Bracket Tournament to raise money for our adoption!

First a little story about our oldest to see why we choose a basketball tournament as a fundraiser..... 

When we were in Ethiopia on our second trip we meet some people at the guest house for lunch one day, it happened a couple of days into our stay.  They had been there traveling around the area as they are heads of a big adoption agency.  They visited many orphanages on that trip and AHOPE was one of them (where both of our boys were at).  We told many stories with them and they learned ALL about Tariku's amazing story which included details of this other guy we are hoping to adopt *(lets name him "Fred" for fun).  They had meet Tariku and "Fred" when they went to AHOPE the week prior and had videos and pictures of both boys. 

We all talked for a little while about "Fred" and how special he was.  One of the women came over and showed me a video of him, she commented that he was so determined.  They were teaching all the older boys to dribble a basketball from no motion to full dribble and "Fred" really wanted to learn.  He worked on it all day and right before they left "Fred" came running over to show them that he mastered the skill, just in time to show them - and in time for her to record it.  His determination and pride was evident in the video as his smile was all the way across his face.

..... so my friends, as we were thinking of fundraisers we of course thought about a tournament to honor more of him, his determination and persistent spirit.  Thank you for being a part in bringing this basketball loving boy home!  .slam dunk for adoption.

*Fred is not our son's name, we cannot share his name until we pass court and he is legally ours - Thank you for understanding!

Now onto how this will work!  

1. It will be $10 per bracket.

2. There is no limit as to how many brackets you can fill out, so with a donation of $100 you get to fill out 10 brackets!

3. Once you donate through the paypal button below (or on the right of this blog) we will email you a link to our NCAA pool.

4. Our pool is set up through CBS, and you do have to register.  However, if you want to fill out a generic bracket and email it to me we can keep score that way as well. 

5. We have yet to determine the prizes, but we do know there will be at least a prize for 1st place (possibly 2nd & 3rd as well) the more people we have play the better the prizes will be!

6. 1 point per team in each round. - Just so you know how were keeping score.

7. Tell your friends, tell your family, share on facebook, share on twitter, share by email, JUST SHARE.  The tournament starts this THURSDAY!!! And we would like as many people to play as possible!  (The first four games are a moo point to us - the Tuesday ones, so we will start when the main tourney does - THURSDAY!).

8. This post is going up on Sunday morning - Selection of teams is Sunday night & Everyone will be emailed the link after the selection show, or on Monday morning!  

Please share & get excited!!!

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