Friday, March 22, 2013

.I am ordinary......

photo booth pictures from a wedding this past weekend. just for fun.

.I am ordinary.....  Through our first adoption I heard the phrase a lot.  Through bringing Tariku home and living life, looking a little different then some families, I hear it frequently.  After announcing our second adoption I have heard the following phrases (or something like them) much more then in the past.

"You guys are awesome" "You are amazing" "You rock"

And as nice as that is to hear.  It is not the truth.  

The truth is we are just living the life that the Lord has laid before us.  And that is all.  We are not superhero's, we are not amazing, we are not saints.  We are not higher up on a pedestal, like some people are putting us on.  Were not.

Let me tell you what we are.  Ordinary.  We live life like anyone and everyone else.  I mess up more times in a day then I can count.  I sin by making bad choices just like everyone else.  I snap at the kids and am selfish a lot more then is even appropriate to share.  I am beyond crabby in the morning.  I get mad at my husband when he is late from work (& getting ready to go somewhere).  I am a sinner like everyone else living in this world.

Let me tell you about the real hero.  Jesus.  He alone is amazing.  He alone is awesome.  He alone is the one true rock in which we should all stand.

Here is what Jesus does though..... He uses us ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  He has been doing this throughout history.  He uses me and He can use you.  We just have to listen to Him and His ways.

I am convinced He does this so HE can shine brighter.  So others can see that HE is in charge.  So those who don't know the Lord can look and ask what makes us different, and we can boldly proclaim it is JESUS living in us that propels us forward.

So my friends.  It is HIM.  He is leading our lives and making it look different and we want to proclaim that it is so not us shining through.  It is HIM.  Thank you Lord for letting us live out your journey - it is a beautiful wild crazy ride.  .I am ordinary.....

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