Thursday, March 14, 2013

.homestudy and other things.

.homestudy and other things.   Last night we had our first homestudy visit for this adoption.  It went well and we are on our way to getting everything complete.  It is crazy to think that exactly two years ago we had our first.  There are big differences I have noticed in this adoption vs. our fist time through so I thought it might be fun to compare a little.  

picking an agency: research for hours vs. use the cheapest & fastest agency we can find with a recommendation (they still have to be legit)
filling out application papers: huge task vs. just get it done motto
paperwork: everything has to be perfect vs. just get it done motto
homestudy house prep: cleaning for weeks vs. cleaning for hours
homestudy house prep: welcome case worker into a perfect house vs. show her we are real & have messes.
homestudy appearance: do hair, make up and put on the right outfit vs. wear a normal outfit with my messy bun & fall in the mud outside having to change as soon as she comes (yes this happened, for real).
homestudy: answer every question perfectly right vs. let her see some flaws
organization of everything: binders vs. piles
organization of everything: page protectors vs. paperclips 
overall filling out papers: weeks and weeks vs. one day (minus the paperwork we need the dr. to fill out for us)

I am sort of digging this more laid back style of just get it done.  Even though we are more laid back in this process we are making sure everything is done correctly & I am sure I will be just as crazy about our second dossier as our first - because that needs to be perfect.  But for now falling in the mud is acceptable.  .homestudy and other things.

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