Friday, March 8, 2013

.Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

Dear Lydia, 

How are you 4? In my mind it seems impossible.  You are growing too fast.  Last night when you got your new pajamas on you looked so tall to me.  Your turning into a little girl in the blink of my eye.

Lydia you have taught me so much over these past four years.  You have taught me to be a mom, your the first one I got to mother and although in this past year you moved to being the middle child, you will always hold that special first spot, because it was YOU who I got to become a mom for first and that is something very special indeed. 

Lydia, you love purple - it is your very favorite color and if every piece of your clothing was purple I am sure you would not have a problem with that.  I knew before you were born it would be your favorite because Lydia in the Bible made purple clothes..... but I didn't know how much you would love it!  You are a princess at heart which is awesome - you come out every morning after getting dressed saying, "look how beautiful I am, I am a princess" and you are both :) 

This past year you welcomed Tariku into this family this past year and it was awesome to see your heart pour into him when he needed it the most.  Your a sweet girl with a giant heart and I hope that never changes because it is beautiful.

You also love Dora to bits and school.  You have started reading and I am so impressed by your ambition to push yourself to do more.  Your so smart and it shows.  In the past two weeks you have learned all your "at" and "an" words and your working on much more.  I am impressed. 

Happy fourth birthday love.  With many, many, many more to come.  We are so proud of the girl you are turning into.  And cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for your precious life.

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Lauren Casper said...

precious!!! I think she looks like you. :) Happy Birthday sweet girl!! <3