Thursday, March 21, 2013

.grateful & blessed.

.grateful & blessed.  You all know that we are in the midst of fundraising.  Fundraising hard.  I feel like I am over-killing it on a daily basis and I am sure I have been blocked by a few "friends" on facebook due to the constant posts I have given out this week on our fundraisers.  It is hard not keep posting when $17,000 worth of agency fees are in our immediate future with $3,000 already on a credit card.  And that is the immediate.  Then we have all the travel fees for Aaron & "Fred" which hasn't even crossed my mind really because the now needs to be raised first. 

However that is not why I am writing this post.  I am writing it for the opposite reason, actually.  You see, this week I have seen my friends rally behind us and get involved.  I am part of an online group of women all connected via adoption and these ladies in particular really have blown me away.  They have shared our story.  Shared how to donate.  Donated themselves.  And then shared again.  These woman have encouraged me with messages of how to help raise funds.  Encouraged me with words from the Lord.  Encouraged us that it will happen and we are on the right path.  They have bought shirts and paid for brackets.  And many of them are adopting themselves.  

All of this has left me completely humbled.  In a week we raised $380 via the basketball tournament pool - that we now can all enjoy watching.  This week we are almost to the same amount in our portion of sales via Ordinary Hero.  I am praying we get the extra grant money (the grant contest ends tomorrow by the way & you do need to put my name down as the affiliate)- but in all honesty this week has been about so much more then raising funds.  So, so much more.

Last night I just sat in awe because I am grateful for the raising.  The raising of money, YES! But I am much more grateful for the raising of friends.  I needed this week, the encouragement, the love, the support.  And for that I am at a loss of words because it all came and has blessed me to the core.  Much more then any dollar amount.  I feel like my words are not elegant right now.  The truth is I don't even know how to express how much this week has meant.  And how much those women have supported my spirit.

Friends if you have shared our story, links, or donated THANK YOU.  If you have written notes of encouragement and said a prayer THANK YOU.  I wish I could hug you all.  Know that I love each of you, your friendship is valued forever.  .grateful & blessed.

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monica kunz said...

I just want to give you encouragement & a big hug! As a mom of 3 bio kids & waiting anxiously for our child ( over 2 years) in Ethiopia, I can so relate to you! I too am sure friends have blocked me with my endless orphan statics & comments and fund raising- but God is so faithful- he adores your heart for his children & he WILL make a way!!!MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU, MAY HIS FACE SHINE UPON YOU& BE GRACIOUS TO YOU- MAY HE GIVE YOU PEACE!!God Bless your beautiful family!!!