Wednesday, March 6, 2013

.from our packed boxes to your home.

Hi Friends.  Since we moved we have needed to get rid of a few things.  Items that we no longer use, or have ever used for that matter.  The items we are listing are in too good a condition to put in a box at a garage sale so we are going to see if any of our friends could use them before we try ebay or some other selling site.  We will be adding more items as we unpack boxes.  Yes we still have boxes packed!  (See we really don't use these items they have been packed away for half a year!). 

All the money donated will go toward bringing our little man home.  To check our our items please go to the tab at the top of the blog labeled Unpacking Boxes - Sale.  Or click the link below.  Thank you friends.  I hope you find some goodies you can use!

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