Monday, March 11, 2013

.collecting has started.

.collecting has started.  We are starting our fundraising with something totally easy.  We are collecting used cell phones and used ink cartridges.  Last week I found a site, funding factory, that takes these items and gives money back as a fundraiser.  We have a pile I needed to get rid of anyways so I signed up & we are now starting!  If you have any old cell phones or used ink cartridges that you need to get rid of please consider giving them to us to help support our adoption.

Funding factory takes more then just old cell phones and used ink cartridges.  They also take smaller used electronic items such as digital cameras, mp3 players, ipods, small laptops, and gps systems.  For a whole list of acceptable items visit this link.

We will be sending in boxes periodically and this fundraiser is ongoing.  If you live farther away and don't want to send your items to us (and pay for shipping) you can keep them, collect up to 20 items and then send them into funding factory for us for free!  The more people that are involved the more we can raise to bring our boy home!  

If you do have more then 20 items and want to send in your own box please go here to print your label and send in your box for free!  THANK YOU!!!  We truly appreciate all the support!  .collecting has started.

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