Monday, March 25, 2013

.awesome week.

a good shot of the kids this past weekend - 
it is rare that they are all smiling & looking into the camera.

.awesome week.  As you know we kick-started our fundraising with not only ONE, but TWO major fundraisers.  They both did really well, better then we expected!  Thank you for all the support and love!!!

Our basketball bracket tournament did great and we had 31 brackets filled out (that doesn't include our family, who is playing along for fun).  With a total of $380 raised we are now watching the tournament together and having fun watching who will win our pool.  There were many games played over this past week & I think Tariku was the only one who choose FGCU to make it, he has them going to the final 4, and we will be cheering on the Cinderella Team for sure.  So far our top three leaders are Amy H., Quinn H., & Rachel G.   

Which reminds me of the prizes.  First place will be given a $15.00 gift card to either Domino's Pizza or Papa Johns (winners choice).  Second place will be gifted with a $10.00 gift card to Dicks Sports.  And third place will receive a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks!  Good luck with the rest of the tourney everyone.  I can't wait to see the brackets continue to jump around with all the upsets it is still anyone's game! 


The second major fundraiser from last week was our Ordinary Hero sales.  My friends truly blew me away in helping with this.  On Thursday every time I checked our account it seemed to jump up by at least $50.00 and I was left completely humbled.  Last week together we pushed the fundraising because there was an extra $500 being given away to the highest three sellers.  I can officially say that we got one of those grants!  THANK YOU!!!  Last week from Friday to Friday we had close to $1000 in our account, with the extra $500 we raised $1500 in a week!  Awesome! 

The Ordinary Hero fundraiser is ongoing and you can always make a purchase with Ordinary Hero in our name.  Just find our name at the check out and we will receive 40% of the sale.  (My name, Desiree Thompson, is in the Billing Info right before check out).  I am sure they will be offering a grant again in the future and that is when more posts about them will pop up, as we are planning to jump on board every time.


And to make the week even more great, on Saturday we meet for our final time with our social worker for our home study.  She will have ours finished within two weeks (as long as some government documents get to her asap).  Then we can send our forms to our placement agency and have our dossier checked.  Wow!  Our goal was to have everything done by the time the baby comes so we don't have to worry about it and I feel like we are seeing that light and it will be possible.  

Thank you to everyone who helped make our fundraisers start with a great big bang.  We are so thankful & continually celebrating our awesome news from last week.  .awesome week.

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