Friday, February 22, 2013

.we found out..... but you will have to wait.

.we found out....but you will have to wait.  We went back and forth debating on if we would find out the gender of our little one.  We have not found out previously and the surprise at each birth was amazing - two of my favorite moments in life ever.  However, this time I thought it should be different.  We wanted to be able to celebrate together in this pregnancy and to be honest the move and other things have taken over, so finding out the gender was our way to celebrate just the baby - just the two of us.

At our ultrasound we had our doctor write the gender down on a note card and put it in an envelope - one of those super secure ones so we could not peak.  Then it went in my wallet..... and it took everything in me not to look.  One night Lydia and I went shopping together for some girl time.  I got an idea looking at the cute baby items and went with it.  How we found out needed to be special, more then just the doctor telling us or looking at the note.  Lydia and I picked out one baby blanket and one newborn outfit for each gender.  Target really makes this an impossible task as every single item they have is super cute and adorable.  After I finally made my selections, we got a gift box and some tissue paper.  Then headed on over to the service desk.  

I explained to the woman there that I was pregnant and didn't know the sex of the baby but it was written down in an envelope and I wanted her to look, put the right gender items in the box and shut it.  I also asked her to put the receipt and the doctors note in the box as well, so I would not know.  And I asked her to hide the other items, so when I came back I could not see.  Then I gave her my credit card and Lydia and I did some more shopping/time killing for another 10 minutes.  

After the kids were in bed that night Aaron and I got to open the box together.  We set up our camera to capture the moment...... but my camera only takes about 10 pics on the timer, and the lady wrapped both items in a ton of tissue paper, so we missed capturing "when" we found out.  Even though we don't have those moments on film, it was fun just to celebrate the baby with Aaron.  Of course we were surprised, we would have been either way.  And we are super excited to meet this little one.  In a way it has brought me closer to this baby - just knowing what gender it is.  

And because we love being able to say, "it's a boy" or "it's a girl".... everyone else will have to wait until the baby is born.  Only 16 weeks left, the time is flying with this little one.  .we found out.....but you will have to wait.

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Trinity said...

Awesome idea. That Target lady will remember forever too...