Friday, February 15, 2013

.part of a wet canvas.

.part of a wet canvas.  God is pretty amazing.  I have resigned myself to know only that.  He has plans that are far bigger then we can ever grasp.  When I start to see the tiny-minuscule pieces of his huge jumbo-tron canvas, I stand in awe.  Sometimes it is all too much.  Too often it is.  

Last week I wrote about how I needed stitching that only God could heal.  My heart was at a tense place over a boy we loved - correction, a boy we love.  We thought we would not ever get to meet his forever family and that left a big hole.  A huge one.

Well it turns out we will know for sure where he ends up!  I can't get into the details, but it is beautiful.  Only God could have written his story.  Someday I will be able to share more and let you all in on what we know.  Let you in on the painting that we can see...... but right now the paint is still wet, it has the potential to become a different picture then what we can see now, and there is still too much unknown.  The paint needs to dry a bit before we can share the art.

Please pray for our family.  This boy has already affected us immensely and could even more soon.  Please also pray for his health.  He is not doing well...... however I know God can restore it.  I have seen it happen before.  I believe in full confidence of this.  Pray that God will surround him with love and hope until his family can come.  Thank you friends.  .part of a wet canvas.

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andrea said...

Interesting post you have shared with us, you have done great work. I am waiting for the post whenever your will be able to share more and let us all in on what you know. Many Thanks for sharing this great post.