Friday, February 8, 2013

.homeschooling - say what?.

.homeschooling - say what?.  Oh my.  We have made some major schooling decisions around here lately.  We started to think of next years possibilities as the paperwork from our school district came home a couple weeks ago.  

To catch you all up.  Or refresh your memory.  Tariku currently attends a 4K public school.  He has done amazingly well.  He loves, loves, LOVES his teacher.  And the staff in the whole school are great.    They understand his unique needs and have worked well with him in developing his language and catching him up to where his classmates are.  

However.  Since moving Tariku has to take the bus.  His ride is long.  40 minutes on the way there and usually it is 50 minutes on the way home (the home bus is always late).  He is one of the first kids to get on and one of the last to get off.  He hates the bus.  HATES the bus.  


Thinking of next year for Tariku is tricky.  He loves school but also needs to continue to bond with us here.  After all he has not even been home a year yet.  We wanted to do a half-day kindergarten so we could still have our time with him at home.  We know it is un-traditional these days (everyone does full) but the bonding with him is extremely important at this time.  Much more then gym.  

This meant I would need to drive him.  With a commute of 40 total minutes at a time and a new baby I realized that I am not willing to enroll him in our public school because it is too far away.  It would be too much driving for me to handle.  

And then there was Lydia.  I could still enroll her at the 4K school and she could take the bus.  But to be honest that makes my stomach hurt.  She is a tiny 4 year old girl and I am not comfortable sending her on a 40-50 minute one way bus ride for a 2.5 hour day of school.  It feels a little different with a boy, who grew up taking care of himself - weird I know, but true.  Anyways, sending her on the bus is not worth my worry.  every. single. day.


With our public school out of the running, we looked at a private school closer to us.  It seems great.  We have had a lot of people give us praiseworthy recommendations.  Yet I still need to get in my car twice a day.  And it costs a lot.  And it still feels a little off.  Not that anything is wrong or would be in sending our kids there.  But it just doesn't seem like the right fit for us.  Right now.


Then there is homeschooling.  The more we thought this through and prayed about our decision the more we felt like this would work for us next year.  I have many friends schooling their children at home who will be able to encourage us in this journey.  And thankfully already have.  It seems right as we will all be able to learn together and bond at the same time.  Tariku needs his time here and it will benefit him a lot.  He has had a year full of transitions and they will continue as we add the baby this summer.  We are going to need to bunker down and bond with him, the new baby, and everyone so the transition is smooth.  

Lydia will be schooled here as well.  I am planning on having them both do a Kindergarten program together.  I will write more on my choice of curriculum later.  As of now this is what we are doing.    Our curriculum is on its way (correction - some arrived today!!!) and the kids are happy that they get to show me how to set up a classroom.   I am getting excited.

Do I expect it to be easy?  No.  Absolutely not.  In fact I am sure some days will be painful.  However in asking for guidance from God this is what brought us peace of mind.  I am willing to give it a try.  We might just do this year or it might continue for a couple - who knows.  .homeschooling - say what?.

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