Monday, February 18, 2013

.5 years ago today.

*Taken outside our home in Liberia.

It was 5 years ago today.

that I sat on a porch staring through criss-crossed wires, with barbed wire on top, looking at the ocean.

that I heard the waves crashing back and forth singing their sweet song to Jesus.

and I can still feel the sand on my skin and the humidity take over my body as I was on the West African coast.

and I can still remember the sunset, the beautiful orange glow, and picture the few clouds in the perfect blue sky.

and I can still hear the West African English words playing a melody in the background - it was a completely different language then the English I was used to.

*Taken when we went out to the bush..... best and worst night ever.

It was 5 years ago today that I sat there and wondered.

wondered what the missionary family had known that I had yet to discover.

wondered how my new best friend had a love so deep and so pure for something that I couldn't see.

wondered why I couldn't feel it yet and if I ever would.

wondered if I should give up on believing.

wondered if God really existed or if I should just walk away from the little faith I had.

*With small Tammy - love her spunk!

It was 5 years ago today that I prayed.

prayed and thanked Him for bringing me to that place.... where I knew I truly meet HIM.

prayed that I would never again doubt.

prayed for the Lord to restore my faith and make it bigger then anything I could ever dream up.

prayed that the Lord would use me.

prayed that I would live for Him daily.

*Traveling from the bush to Monrovia

Since that prayer 5 years ago.....

I have tried to live for Him.

I have not grown tired of thanking Him for the life and faith He has given.

I have grown in faith, love, and hope.

I have failed countless times.

I have asked to be forgiven.

*With Ali, our favorite little guy to see on our daily walks.

In the next 5 years......

I hope to continue to rely on His strength.

I hope to grow in His word.

I hope to show the World, especially those around me, that He can be seen.

I hope to follow His will.

I hope to love like Jesus.

*Last day prayer with Grandma. 

Happy Anniversary Lord Jesus.  Thank you for the faith you have freely given me, I am blessed.  Please continue to guide me in all my ways.  I know I will fail, I already have today countless times, but I know you will grow me and forgive me.  Guide me and show me your ways and help me to follow.  
I love you Lord.  Happy Anniversary!

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