Thursday, January 17, 2013

.sometimes a mouse is more then a mouse & new floors are more then new floors.

.sometimes a mouse is more then a mouse & new floors are more then new floors.  This week has been rough.  Correction.  This month, this move, this year.... and last year too.  Emotions are flying all over the place and they have been for a while due to our move.

Moving is never easy.  It takes time to figure out where things are going to go.  And how the new place smells.  And the neighborhood.  And yard.  And neighbors (which we have yet to meet).  And. and. and.

Moving with three small ones, yeah a huge headache.  One being adopted, there it is that is the ticket to a long hard month.  The anticipation of our move was hard on Tariku.  He has never moved before without having to say goodbye to someone.  I don't think he could quite understand that we were ALL going and no one, no toy, no blanket, was going to be left behind.

Then we arrived, had floor issues and camped out in our living room for a month.  Which is enough time to set up a "new normal" for all our children.  They loved it.  They thought it was great.  They thought it was fun.  They might have thought it was going to last forever.  And then our carpet finally came in.  And change started again as they moved into rooms.

All these changes have set off behaviors that were much like when Tariku first came home.  Even though they are good changes they are hard for him to handle.  The newness is overwhelming and the anxiety out of control.

And then there is me.

A couple of days ago we were going to bake muffins.  Strawberry because that is what Lydia picked.  I went to grab flour out of our cupboard and realized we had a huge problem.  Half the flour gone, and the sugar, and some other baking stuff all chewed through.  Apparently we have a mouse complete with droppings to identify it.

Oh for the love.  That was it.  I lost it.  I was done.  Our floors were not in yet and the little mouse set me off.  It brought up anxiety in me that I have over our house.  I started thinking we should not have moved, the kitchen is ugly, the yard is full of junk (when you move don't forget to tell the previous owner to take ALL their JUNK).  And I broke down, overwhelmed at the past, stressed about the future, and just wanting to be done.

I forgot about all the work we have done making the rest of the house gorgeous.  Even though my amazing living room was 2 feet away.  The bedrooms and living room done exactly how I would have ever wanted (well not quite done yet....but getting there).  I forgot that there is a light to the end of this and we are so close I can see it.  I forgot that our boxes are at least half emptied.  And that this is a great place for us to be.  Oy! All over a dumb little (hopefully diabetic as it ate all the sugar) mouse.

Thankfully though we are in our rooms.  And today seemed good.  And there is no school for Tariku tomorrow, so he can continue to adjust.  And the mouse is going to be caught soon, and of course released into the wild (that is what the kids think, as we talked them out of keeping it as a pet).  Because I think all of us are ready to get back to "normal" without the stress, anxiety, and not so fun parts of moving.  .sometimes a mouse is more then a mouse & new floors are more then new floors.

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