Friday, January 4, 2013

.an untitled post - Happy New Year.

Ethiopian Christmas is this coming Monday - so this is not late at all ;)

Somehow it is already another year.  
and my goal for this place is to blog once a week.  
I always have great intentions to blog more.
but chaos is happening around us and time disappears.

To catch everyone up.  
We moved which took all of December 
as we were improving the house at the same time.
Repainting every room. 
Redoing all the floors.
And moving all our stuff 
with three kids in tow.
Unfortunately things are not always as easy as they sound.
And all our floors are still not in.
So we have been sleeping in the living room.  Every night.  
And will continue to
for about three more weeks.

It is kind of nice to sleep all together as a family.  
Bonding and going to bed early 
because the kids won't sleep unless I lay down 
(and usually then I am out too).....
It has given me some great perspective.  On what I need.  
And the boxes of too much crap we have packed downstairs.
At the same time however, I can't wait for our floors.
So we can set up our beds.
And sleep in our rooms.
And put our clothes away.
And continue as "normal" as our family runs.
So I can finally have time to myself at night.

Like I stated before, I hope to blog at least once a week.
The posts might be short.  Or they might ramble on. and on.
But that is the goal.
(because I know where all that stuff is - hooray!)
Because that is too much right now. 
And I realize that I have limits.

One thing I don't ever want to say "no" to 
is telling people about our adoption journey.
Because it was a beautiful journey.
And continues to be.
Aaron & I will be speaking at church this Sunday.
Please pray we don't pass out.  Seriously.
I am not that great of a public speaker & I get really shaky.... 
and Aaron well his name would have been better 
as Moses because he is the same.
So if you could remember us on Sunday 
all prayers sent our way would be appreciated. 

Thank you dear friends.  
Thank you for prayers.
And understanding as this space often gets neglected.
Thank you to those of you who have reached out on fb 
and through email wondering how we are doing.  
It means a lot.  

I hope all of you have a blessed start to your New Year!

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