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.2012 partnership family updates.

.2012 partnership family updates.  Before we move on to new partnerships (Next Month) I want to do a little recap of 2012 and give family updates.  Over this past year I have loved hearing all their stories and I also have enjoyed following their journeys.  Like I said in my last post we raised $288 for these families.  I have a bigger goal for next year and I hope we can continue to keep growing!

Here is a sweet little update of each family:

The Menzer family brought Malachi home from Ethiopia in June of 2011 and they are now expecting their 2nd little one.  Mandie is pregnant and due next week!  

The Waymans brought home Hayes from Ethiopia in June and just celebrated his first birthday in December.

The Weaver family has had Raven home 16 months now.  He has adjusted well and the family is welcoming a new little one sometime in March!  Raven is excited to become a big brother!

Life is Sweet Photo Boutique: Michael Family &emdash;

The Michaels welcomed home Moses in October!  They are adjusting to life with 3 little ones.  The airport pictures they got are stunning - view them all here. 

Photo of the Depps in Ethiopia on their court trip.

The Depps are coming home from Ethiopia with their daughter tomorrow!!!  I am super excited for this family to finally start their new journey together - Congrats Depp Family!!!  Please keep them in your prayers as they transition to a family with three little ones.

God had a beautiful suprise in store for the Wells family.  Instead of a little girl from South Korea, he had this beautiful little girl waiting for them in the United States.  She joined their family and the adoption was complete in December.  Welcome Hope!

The Oster family is almost ready to submit their dossier!  Please continue to pray for them as they wait for their little one.

The Colopys are doing well in Colombia!  They will be there until Leidy's adoption is final and then come home (approx. in a week or two).  Please pray for them as they are entering the transition period. Pray for their adoption to be finalized quickly and for their bonding time to go well.

Thank you for the prayers for all of these families.  And thank you families for your inspiration and partnership with Hannah James!  May God continue to bless each one of you.

Original Interviews: Menzers, Waymans, Weavers, Michaels, Depps, Wells, Osters, & Colopys.
No Updates from - The Breeze FamilyThe Miller Family

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