Wednesday, November 14, 2012

.some news which might explain my lack of blogging.

I just realized I did not let the blogging world know about some more news we have had around here...... 

 We are Expecting!  

Although this doesn't explain all of my "lack of blogging" it does explain a lot of it.  This baby is exhausting me.... well, this one along with our other three.  I don't remember EVER being this tired with my other two pregnancies, although Aaron tells me I was with Lydia.  Pregnancy fatigue set in right away with this little one and is going strong.  

On the plus side, I am less nauseous with this baby and have only thrown up a handful of times (I knew you wanted to know that, haha).  This is a blessing compared to the other two pregnancies (where it was daily, not exaggerating - again you wanted to know right :) ).  I am very thankful for the fact that I mostly am just tired, even though it is extreme.  

This little one is expected to be born sometime mid-June and we are excited to meet him or her :)  

Please pray for us as our lives are transitioning!  We have a lot coming up around here, Tariku's birthday, his baptism, his court date, and will soon be moving (sometime in December).  Oy!  


Brittany said...

Congratulations on the baby and the new house! How exciting!

Nicole {Home for Hire} said...

Congrats! Hope you start feeling more up and up soon :)

Kim said...

So so excited for you, friend! xoxo