Monday, October 1, 2012


Hello friends, 
  I have been mia for a while on here but it is because I have been present elsewhere.  The Twietmeyer Auction held me captive for a couple of weeks early last month.  Then I just got to thinking about this space and the shop and where to go from here.  Honestly I just needed to step away for a while.  I will continue to post, don't worry, I just have had much more do do around here in the meantime.  Raising three children has cut down on my blogging hours, just a bit.  I also feel like the Lord has laid big, BIG, projects on my heart and I am praying and spending time with Him trying to figure out which route to take.

Oh, and I spent sometime with some crazy adoption ladies recently (they are pictured above).  That will have to be blogged about for sure.  Until then sit tight :)  There will be a post coming soon about Octobers new partnering family, who I know you will love! Much love to you all, dez

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