Monday, October 29, 2012

.and then we bought a house.

.and then we bought a house.  Life has been moving crazy fast around here - I think it is a theme of this family.  We never seem to slow down, ever.  So in the middle of our normal "crazy" we decided to take on a even more.  We bought a house!  This was a God thing - and he made us be patient in our years of looking. 

We started looking at houses right after Lydia was born.  Yes, back in 2009.  We couldn't find any that were livable or in our price range.  So we then moved to a great apartment in the country that we love.  We love this apartment as it and our neighbors have been great to us.  However, our kids are loud and our neighbors (below us, the couple we rent from) have said things (about the noisy kids) that made us start to look again at homes this summer. 

Just as we were giving up and waiting to look in the spring this house IN OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT popped up & we thought why not take a look.  And the house works for us and our budget.  We were looking outside our school district but it is an added blessing that Tariku will not have to switch schools, as he is loving his class and new friends and we love his school too.  Also, it is right down the street from a friends house - thank you Jesus.

So friends around here we are crazy in fast forward packing boxes and getting ready to move.  I hope to be blogging more next year after were settled a bit & updating everyone on the enormous progress Tariku has made.  And updating everyone on the rest of our family too, but it might take a little while. 

Hope your all doing well & loving the fall weather :) 

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Addison said...

Hi Desiree. I'm new to your blog, and it seems like I might have found you right after you closed up shop for a while. Best of luck with your move. I think it's great that you partner with new adoptive families. Hope all is well. Happy move!