Tuesday, September 18, 2012

.7 foods week 2.

Week 2 food update....

Day 8:  I have realized that I have not been utilizing the potatoes on my list.  Tonight I made a stew with most of my foods.  Potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, onions, salt & pepper.  I also made toast for the side.  It was great.  I had one bowl and was stuffed!  I am thinking of all the other things I can make with potatoes.  I will need to make hash-browns and mashed potatoes for sure.

Day 9: The food thing is wearing on me a bit and I have noticed that I am exhausted.  This could be because of the food, the fact that we had a big weekend, or the fact that I have a 2, 3, & 4 year old.  Probably the combination of all three.

I have noticed that I don't really mind eating only these 7 foods it is not too bad going without anything else.  The thing causing me the most problems in my "food world" is making meals for everyone else.  I am stressing over what to make my family but am determined to use what we have until I cannot any longer.  I think the food thing is easier then I thought it would be and if I didn't have to feed anyone else it would be a piece of cake.....mmmm cake...... just kidding on being easy I found a food blog and now want cake & ice cream.  Seriously doesn't this look good.

Ok, back off ice cream I got this.  For Real it is not as bad as I thought it would be.  I thought I would be eating my arm off by now.

Day 10:  Still feeling sluggish I think I need a food that gives me more energy.  Or I just need more coffee and sleep.  More likely the last thing mentioned.

Tonight there is a Packer game on so it looks like I will spend my early evening making my snack: Apple chips!  They are super easy to make just take an apple slice it up, place the pieces on wax paper and bake at 275 degrees for an hour to an hour and a half.  I usually flip them at 30 minutes and check them at an hour taking the done ones out.

Day 11:  Today is a struggle.  I want a REAL meal.  Tonight will be chicken with mashed potatoes.  Hopefully my stomach will be satisfied.  It didn't help that my family had chili again last night and today as left overs, it looks and smells delicious people.

Day 12:  I am sick.  I have a really bad cold.  Do cough drops count as a food item?  I hope not because I need them.

Besides planning and shopping for my family the other really hard part of this all for me is that my children want what I am eating all the time.  They also don't understand why I am telling them to finish their meals when I am not eating it.  It is much easier when we all eat the same thing.

*I had cough drops - I was going to stick to the recommended dose but who sucks on one cough drop and has it last for two hours??? NOBODY.  I ate about 12 in 30 minutes.  Don't judge.

Day 13: Still sick.  Ate more cough drops.  I am not hungry today but I forced myself to eat some soup anyways.  I am struggling today and am longing for some cheese..... which is weird because I don't feel good.

Day 14:  I feel much better today and I am feeling back to normal with my food thing.  Meaning I pray when I want something else and I don't sit and dwell at it.  Yesterday I was drooling over cheese and salsa..... today it is not phasing me.  It is so weird that one day I can be so overwhelmed and another totally in the zone.

It got me to thinking that if food is "easy" (of course it still has moments) what is it that is taking my time away from God?  Where do I lose focus?  I have a notion it is with media.  I know it is.  I spend a lot of time checking my email & staying in touch with friends online.  I am already dreading the media fast...... but also know it is needed.  

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Brittany TYD said...

I am so impressed that you actually took on the food challenge! I don't think I would be handling it as well. But you're right, a little prayer can change a whole attitude.